Do you remember your first interview?

I remember my first interview. Couple of things are a little blurry but most of it I can still recall. It wasn’t for a job. This interview is far away before I could even think of getting a job. My first interview was to get admission in 4th grade in St.Mary’s High School, Mt.Abu.

I remember how for about 3 months my parents,guardians as well as my tutors at the hostel (Samiralok Hostel) kept telling me how good the St.Mary’s High School was and that it would be good for my future if I went to school there.

The interview was nearly a month after the aptitude test I had taken and of course cleared it. I’ll tell you about the test first. Well that’s a blurry part. I cannot recall exactly much of it. But I think it was in 2 parts,English grammar and mathematics.

As far as I remember I wasn’t that good at mathematics during my school days. It was supposed to be a 1 hour test. I don’t remember how I performed in the test, but my parents and family (I’m from India and we live in a joint family) always say that I completed the test and came out of the examination hall in about half an hour.

Since I don’t remember that part all that clearly, I’m just gonna go with my family’s story. I guess I pulled a miracle that day. Well actually miracle was felt like what I pulled off nearly a month later.

So about a month later just a few days after I had finished with my 3rd grade exams, I had the interview with the principal of St.Mary’s High School for getting admission. Well of course I didn’t go there alone. I was there with my father, uncle and my tutor from the hostel.

It was a cold winter morning and we were waiting outside principal’s Sir office. After a few minutes a tall man about 6.5 to 7 feet tall in white habit walks up to us. My tutor told him who we were and why we were there. He was none other than principal Brother Stan Myers. He turns to me and ask me
“good morning young man, what is your name?”
I replied, “good morning Sir. My name is Milin Maheshkumar Patel.”
His next question,
“why do you want to join this school?”
In just 2 seconds I was able to recall the events of last 3 months flashing in my mind, everyone telling me how good the school is and my parents telling they really wish I should attend the St.Mary’s High School.Hence I replied back saying,
“Sir, I’ve heard that this is the best school in Mt.Abu and my parents me study in this school.”
Next thing I remember is that the principal tells my father and tutor to go into the office adjacent to his and finish the formalities of admission.

I don’t remember clearly but my father and uncle used to say that Brother Stan Myers was so impressed by my answer that he picked me up and took me to his office where my uncle and I waited for the admission formalities to be completed.

Although there may be a couple of exaggeration of events about which my family member frequently keep sharing the story with me, but for me this was really an amazing experience. I can proudly say that it aced it!

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