I recall a line I read a couple of years ago on a blog related to software testing. I don't remember which website it was. I think I stumbled upon this website from a random Google search result on testing.

The line was written to define automation testing. It read "Any use of tool to aid testing is automation testing".

Now, going by that logic, let's see if what I do as a tester is automation testing.

I cannot write programs. Coding is not really my cup of tea. Generally, people would consider, for automation testing, one should have knowledge of writing programs (scripts, code or whatever you might call it). So, considering that I wouldn't be considered as a automation tester by many.

But, again, let's come back to the definition "Any use of tool to aid testing is automation testing". I use so many tools when I test any software. I use different tools for different purposes.

I use tools like,

  • Text editors (Notepad, Gedit,etc),
  • Ddocument writers (MS Word, Libreoffice Writer, etc),
  • Spreadsheets,
  • Mind maps (Xmind),
  • Bug trackers,
  • Email service providers,
  • Chat applications

All of these are tools that aid me with something or the other in the overall testing process and life cycle.

Well, sometimes I even use tools as simple as pencile/pen and paper. I'm pretty sure pencil and paper are also tools. During project meetings and discussions with stakeholders I use my notebook and pen/pencil to take notes which I can refer at a later time. These are again tools to aid me in testing.

So, going by the logic of the definition mentioned above, any testing I do is automation testing. In fact, I'm sure everyone is using some or the other tool for whatever purpose, that aids them with testing. Hence, I guess, all testing, is always, automation testing.

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