For a long time now, software testers and testing and their role have been misunderstood.

For Management:
  • Testers are additional cost to the project.
  • They do not perform any productive or work.
  • Because of the testers we cannot deliver the project on time.
  • They did not perform their duty and missed that point.
  • For what do they need time? They just have to look at the already developed software.
  For developers:
  • They dont like me so they give me more bugs.
  • Testing is very easy and anybody can do it.
  • One does not require any skill for testing software. Developers can do it easily and better.
  • Why does tester have to chek this module/functionaity in this specific manner? Nobody would usually use it this way.
  • Anything that goes wrong with project is testers fault. It testers responsibility to make sure to deliver quality product.
  What both really need to understand about testers and testing is that;
  • We are here to help you guys.
  • Ours is an assistive job. We make sure that the product achieves the quality standards defined by you.
  • We work to make you look good.
  • We are not here to judge you but to check the software that it does what it should and does not do what it should not.
  • We do not have any personal grudge with you. Its good that we know you (developers) so we understand each-other and or working methods better, but it is not really necessary for us to know you so there is no way we're hired to judge you.
  • We do not define quality. We just help you achieve the quality standards defined by you.
  • Who says testing does not require skill and anybody can do it? If it was true, there would be no need for specialized testers in first pace.
  • Why doesn't testing require time? We don't just look at a written software, we understand its need, how it works, who would use it, how and why? depending on this we plan out different strategies to test the software and that requires both skills and time.
  • We don't force anybody to miss any deadlines. We just provide valuable information about the project using which you can make informed and better educated decisions for delivering the software.
  • We do not make any decision. We just provide suggestive information.


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