Here is a list of few questions you might want to consider before you start testing a software;

  1. What is the project? Describe the title and story line.
  2. Why is it required?
  3. Who is the targeted audience?
  4. How many types of users will the project have?
  5. What role each user type will play in module/project?
  6. How will the project benefit the users and target audience?
  7. What is the targeted environment?
  8. How many modules does the project have?
  9. What functionality will be performed by the project?
  10. How will each module interact with the other modules of the project?
  11. How will the data flow throughout the project and what impact or modifications will each modules have on it?
  12. Are you going to use any default functionality of the development environment? What is it? And how does it work? Please specify so we can exclude them from validations.
  13. What are the “quality criteria” of the project?
  14. Does the project/module require installation? If yes, please provide a user guide for installation procedure.
  15. How will the change request management be handled? Will it be documented?
  16. What are the risks associated with this project/module? How will that be handled?
  17. What will be the role of tester in the project?
  18. What exactly is the tester expected to do?
  19. What are the necessary resources (hardware, software and documents required to administer and execute testing – Eg., Timer Job in Sharepoint) and the status for its availability?
  20. Test Documentation and execution will be done depending on the time availability and priority of the project/module (Priority for project/module should be decided by project owner (not client)).

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