When someone hears the term software tester, one of the first thing that comes to their mind is their job is to break software.

Ah these testers! All they always do is break software. We put in so much effort to write it, and they come in at the end and break everything...

I can't help but wonder, how can one break that is already broken? The software/application that is delivered for testing is already broken. Testers do not break it. Instead testers help identify the breakages in the software that is being tested.

Point also to be noted is where was the break introduced. It will be wrong to say that it is always the programmer who writes a broken code. It is possible that the design or maybe the requirement itself was broken, and the developers just ended up writing write code for a broken requirement. In any case, the tester identifies the break and provides valuable information to the respective stakeholder so that they can fix it...

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